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Northern Indiana Lawn care

Lawn care and maintenance can be frustrating at times. Our trained professionals have the experience you need and can help you achieve the GREEN you are after. Starting with proper irrigation and fertilizing, removing unwanted pests or seasonal or geographic lawn problems we will identify and implement a plan tailored to achieve the results you are looking for. Harmony Irrigation has been serving a wide variety of customers around Northern Indiana for over the last 10 years. Our experienced and dedicated lawn technicians and landscaping professionals have been trained to help you succeed. Whether you are a business looking for contract mowing service, or new landscaping or a homeowner looking to accentuate your property with custom landscape lighting or just needing help keeping up, we are here to serve!

Our seasonal snow plowing service in Northern Indiana keeps your business from having to worrry about all that snow. Let Harmony move the snow, salt your drive, and provide you with peace of mind. Don't get stuck, Call Harmony @ 574-457-6338.

We do snowplowing!